Landscaping architect


Custom architect plan

Because a picture is worth a thousand words!

Our planning and design service allows you to see the full picture of your landscaping project, the associated costs and a completion schedule (completion phases) based on your budget.

Designed by our professional team, the plans are custom developed based on the analysis of your needs, your lifestyle and your budget. You receive complete documentation, including landscaping plans, technical drawings, a list of materials and plants, a quote, a planting summary and derived estimates for every phase of your project. You will consequently maximize your investment and be set to enjoy a space that meets your requirements. Here are the steps required to set up your project with us:

What are the steps?

Step 1
Identifying your needs

A first meeting at your home to identify your needs and discuss the various possibilities and limitations with respect to your property, etc. This step is important since identifying your needs and preferences guides us to come up with a concept that defines you.

Step 2
Complete survey of your property

Recording of property measurements and precise location of all existing elements (element locations such pool, shed, fence, plants, etc.).

Step 3
Preliminary plan and price

A second meeting at your home to present and explain the preliminary draft of the landscaping plan and the costs of the various plants and other structural elements. Discussion and gathering of comments and changes to be brought to the landscaping plan as necessary.

Step 4
Landscaping plan and detailed quote

A third meeting at your home to submit the landscaping plan, technical drawings and a document containing a quote and detailed estimates of all elements within the plan, as well as a planting summary. A quote is a document that includes work details for each structural element as well as plants (depth of excavation, frequency of compaction, thickness of foundation, list of materials, etc.). A planting summary is a document that includes the quantities and the names of plants and other information about them such as dimensions, flowering periods and a explanation of the minimum maintenance required.